What effect does migration have on Britain?

A new booklet on ‘Globalisation, population mobility and impact of migration on population’ (PDF, 1.9Mb), produced by the ESRC highlights the effects that migration has on Britain, its economy and the future of our society.

Professor John Salt, of University College, London, said:

“Opening up of the labour market to citizens of the new member states of the EU from May 2004 initiated what is almost certainly the largest ever single wave of immigration the British Isles have ever experienced, with Poles the largest ever single national group of entrants.”

Researchers looking to find out more about the effects of migration could try the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS) at the University of Oxford, the Migration Research Unit at UCL, or for an international perspective the OECD Trends in International Migration and in Migration Policies.

Intute: Social Sciences features many more websites on the issue of migration.