War and Peace in Africa: RES annual public lecture

Security – not aid or trade – is the key to getting the world’s bottom billion out of poverty

The real challenge of development is the ‘bottom billion’ – the people living in 50 or so countries, mainly in Africa, that are falling behind and often falling apart. But increased aid and freer trade will make only a marginal difference to these people’s lives until they enjoy greater security – and that means military interventions by the rich countries to end civil wars, prevent conflicts from restarting and provide peacekeeping forces in support of long-term economic solutions.

These will be the central messages of Professor Paul Collier of Oxford University when he delivers the 2006 Royal Economic Society Annual Public Lecture – War and Peace in Africa – this week – in Sheffield this evening, Monday 27 November, on Tuesday 28 November in Edinburgh and on Friday 1 December in London.

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