Using Blogs in Economics

Blogs are a genuine free market in ideas, that’s the conclusion of a new guide to Using Blogs in Economics, produced by the Economics Network and Intute: Social Sciences.

Bringing together best practice in teaching from the Economics Network and the best of the web from Intute: Social Sciences, this guide includes how to start blogging, outlines the risks of writing online and highlights the uses of blogs in the economics classroom.

Bhagesh Sachania, Information Officer for the Economics Network said, “In the economics classroom, blogs enable lecturers to relate economic issues to current events, and get students writing about economic theory, making both of them smarter and more productive. That’s what this guide is all about.”

Paul Ayres, Intute: Economics Editor said, “We’ve undeniably seen the rise of a commentator class of blogging economists, but blogs are also letting lecturers and students take advantage of an ‘invisible college’ of global economic brainpower, a genuine free market in ideas.”

The latest Intute: Social Sciences Podcast features a discussion about the effect of blogs on economics as a discipline and explores how researchers may want to use them to promote their work.

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