Tagging on Intute: Have you tried it?

A new report from the Pew Internet Research Center states that 28 percent of Americans have tagged something online, be it a blog post, image on a photo sharing service like Flickr or a website on a social bookmarking service like del.icio.us

David Bigwood over at the Catalogablog site points out that some public domain texts have had keywords extracted from them and automatically uploaded to del.icio.us, but that such automation could be used by spammers to to wreck social bookmarking sites.

Tagging is essentially adding labels to something, to help you find it again. They can be personal just to you or more descriptive and applicable to many more people – there’s no right or wrong way to tag things.

MyIntute offers the chance to tag records for yourself – for example you could gather together a range of websites that you are looking to show off in a lecture, give them a tag of ‘presentation’ and then export them as an email to yourself.

Have you used the MyIntute tagging system? If so, why not tell us what you used it for, how you got on and send us some feedback.