Nice video, shame about the politicians

The BBC reported last week that the Electoral Commission and Ofcom will be keeping a close eye on the main political parties and their use of online campaigning in the run-up to the local elections next month – not only for the amount spent on their websites, but also their use of online video.

All three main UK political parties are dabbling in the world of online video with YouTube being home to a Labour Party channel and the official Liberal Democrat video channel, while the Conservatives got their first with WebCameron.

In the States, not only are candidates announcing their 2008 Presidential bids online as well as in person, but the political punditry is also online for example the editors of the respected National Journal’s Hotline, offer a daily vlog

YouTube have brought together the video offerings of the various 2008 Presidential hopefuls into the YouChoose portal site that can help voters make up their minds.

Meanwhile in France the run-off to choose the successor to Jacques Chirac will see contenders Nicolas Sarkozy and Segolene Royal make use of online video to help get their messages across.

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