Economics research doesn’t add up

A recent paper at Econ Journal Watch asked the question Where would Adam Smith publish today? given that the top economics journals appear to be closed to research and researchers that do not include mathematical analysis in their work.

Sutter and Pjesky found that:

only 1.5 percent of papers published in 10 top journals in 2003-04 met a strong criterion for math-free. And one journal, the Economic Journal, accounts for 40 percent of the strongly math-free papers.

This raises concerns about where the next generation of economics researchers is going to come from, as the recent survey of lecturers from the Economics Network highlighted the fact that students poor skills when it came to mathematics, was the number one issue for academics teaching in UK economics departments today .

However, this is an issue that is being tackled. The METAL project and website will go live shortly and feature a range of learning materials including videos, online question banks and dynamic animations, specifically aimed at mathematical issues in economics. Plus there are other maths based resources from the Economics Network.

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