Happy Fair Use Day

Fair USe Day logoToday is Fair Use Day where you are actively encouraged to celebrate and exercise your Fair Use rights, with regard to digital or hard copy information – or as the About Fair Use Day puts it:

… celebrate Fair Use in any lawful way you wish. Exercise your Fair Use rights or contact a corporation or government of your choosing and let them know you want Fair Use rights and you want them protected … Fair Use isn’t just about what you can play on your ipod. Fair Use promotes interoperability and the advancement of learning and expansion of knowledge.

The rise of the Internet and the ability to produce perfect digital copies of information has challenged the area of intellectual property law all around the world and asked fundamental questions about the ownership and control of cultural outputs.

These are areas that the American scholar Lawrence Lessig has been involved with for some time and a recent presentation he gave on these themes is available as part of the excellent At Google Talks channel on YouTube.

This is also an area of interest for Cory Doctorow, one of the founders of the Boing Boing blog who also spoke at Google recently and (in the spirit of Fair Use Day) provided the initial inspiration for this blog post.

Intute: Social Sciences features more internet resources on the topics of copyright and intellectual property law.