Internet use in Britain

The latest report in a series of Oxford Internet Surveys (OxIS) that cover the changing landscape of Internet access, use and attitudes in Britain has been launched.

The OxIS 2007 Report includes headline findings on:

  • Internet users in Britain are moving to high speed connections: 85% use a broadband connection for home access.
  • People think the Internet is more reliable than newspapers, but only Internet users think it is just as reliable as television. Those who do not use the Internet trust television more.
  • 17% of Internet users currently maintain an online social networking profile.
  • One third (35%) of student users have met someone online, and 13% have met a person offline who they first met online.
  • Ex-users are most likely to have stopped Internet use due to a lack of interest and access, whereas non-users give ‘lack of skill’ as the main reason for not being online.
  • 72% of Internet users believe that ‘the Internet can be addictive’.
  • 93% of all internet users send emails and as many as 60% use instant messaging.

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