Legal news update from Intute: Social Sciences

A new report from the Law Commission has outlined a series of proposals to change the law as it affects cohabitants’ property and finances when their relationships end, whether by separation or by death. It is for the Government to decide whether it accepts the recommendations and, if so, when it will introduce legislation into Parliament to implement them.

The results of a major, independent evaluation of the Public Defender Service (PDS) in England and Wales have been published by The Stationery Office. A team of academics including scholars from Warwick University and UWE concluded that “the PDS can be a vital safeguard in the new market-based system of criminal legal aid, providing protection against the market concentration and instability that may result from a system of competitive tendering for defence services”.

The Law Society has proclaimed an important victory in its battle with the Legal Services Commission (LSC) over the reform of legal aid with a judgement that the LSC has breached Public Contracts Regulations 2006 and European Law in its reform of legal aid. This forms part of their broader campaign which asks the question –  What price justice?

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