Intute: Education news round-up

Here are a few links relating to educational issues from Intute: Social Sciences

A study from the National School Boards Association in America has taken a look at role Social Networking sites can or could have in education and concluded that school districts may want to explore ways in which they could use social networking for educational purposes – and reconsider some of their fears – but does this mean that restrictions should be relaxed or are they doing their job?

Job satisfaction amongst teachers has increased dramatically since 1999, according to new research from the University of Bath, with the profession rising from 54th to 11th in a league table of job satisfaction published this week. However, the detailed figures do reveal that becoming a hairdresser may make you even happier!

A new bibliography on The Role of Virtual Worlds in the Classroom says that “pupils come into the classroom equipped with different attitudes toward education, as well as a diverse array of technological skills. These individuals want more than the traditional lecture format; instead, they are seeking out authentic and active educational experiences, like those found in video games.”

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