Learning how to learn

ESRC/TLRP logoWith A-level results this week and GCSE results next week, it’s not just pupils who have their future determined by exam results, but also schools and teachers, who have places in league tables and their professional image to think of.

What are the factors that make some schools more successful than others? New research carried out by the Economic and Social Research Council’s Teaching and Learning Research Programme (TLRP), will help schools turn into places where students can become independent learners instead of being taught to pass tests and keep exam scores high.

A school where everything depends on paper results and performance does not develop children as learners. And teachers who are forced to work in this way cannot become more effective and responsible.

Professor Mary James, Deputy Director of TLRP

Find out more about the Learning How To Learn project from the TLRP website, read the full press release to coincide with A-level results day and browse Intute: Social Sciences for more on the topic of Education.