Nixon Library now part of the US National Archives

Nixon Library logo

The Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum has entered into a new era as a federally operated institution, bringing it into line with the rest of the US Presidential Library system.

The latest edition of Prologue, the magazine of the US National Archives and Record Administration details the history of the Nixon Library, its history outside the rest of the US Presidential Library system and touches on the key events of Nixon’s long political life.

These pre-presidential and post-presidential materials will join the extensive Nixon presidential collection already under the care of the National Archives: 42 million pages of records, 300,000 still photographs, more than 30,000 gifts Nixon received as President, 700 hours of film, 4,000-plus hours of “off-air” video recordings, 4,469 audio recordings, and nearly 3,800 hours of White House taped conversations.

C-SPAN are currently running a series of programmes entitled Presidential Libraries: History Uncovered and will be tackling the Nixon administration in the next couple of weeks, while the US National Archives has more on Presidential Libraries.

Intute: Social Sciences features more resources on the topic of Richard Nixon.