Primary children anxious and stressed

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The Primary Review is a comprehensive look at the condition and future of primary school education in the UK. It is supported by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation and based at the Faculty of Education at Cambridge University.

Their first report Community Soundings features the results of 87 consultations around the country, talking to parents, governors, teachers and children. It concludes that:

…although witnesses had much to say that was positive, and the work of primary schools was generally well regarded, there was a pervasive anxiety about specific aspects of recent educational policy, and about the wider world.

These anxieties included the prevalence of testing, a lack of respect, anti-social behaviour, materialism and a sense that children are having to grow up too soon.

Other sources of information on research into primary education include the National Foundation for Educational Research, the SCRE Centre in Glasgow and the Teaching and Learning Research Programme.

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