Economics research links

The Autumn 2007 issue of CentrePiece, the magazine of the Centre for Economic Performance (CEP), explores some of the central policy concerns facing institutions of higher education and their political masters. Findings include: Universities should offer more incentives for invention and technology transfer, concerns about an oversupply of graduates are misplaced and Europe’s universities need more diversity, creativity and independence.

The Centre for Market and Public Organisation has released the Autumn edition of Research in Public Policy. It finds that grammar schools are less, ‘ladders of opportunity’ than ‘ghettos of the advantaged’, Children whose mothers work full-time when they are aged between 5 and 7 are more likely to be overweight at age 16 and boys who spent at least 15 hours a week in their fathers’ care as toddlers perform worse on academic assessments when they start school.

Elsewhere Warwick University has launched a new publication featuring research from their Economic Research Institute with articles on technical analysis, managerial incentives to improve productivity and how new Politburo transcripts reveal how the Soviet economy took shape.

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