US Elections on Intute: Social Sciences

Welcome to our coverage of the US Presidential Election here at Intute: Social Sciences. We have a dedicated section looking at US Elections, as well as a related area that examines the ultimate goal of the various candidates, Presidential Government itself.

It will be interesting to see the role that the Internet plays during the course of the campaign and if you are in any doubt as to whether online video will impact on the campaign, CitizenTube has produced a round-up of some of the key video moments from the pre-campaign campaign!

For following the twists and turns of the campaign you also may want to sample the Hotline TV YouTube channel, where Amy Walter and John Mercurio provide daily updates.

Elsewhere you can sample a UK perspective from the BBC News US Elections page,  which includes a poll tracker related to key events and a roadmap of the various primaries on the road to Super Tuesday.

All of the mainstream US news sources have dedicated sites, but the CNN site puts  the recent Iowa Caucus in some sort of perspective, showing that only a tiny proportion of the delegates for the nominating conventions have been selected.

But if you would like an individual perspective on the polling numbers, then we can recommend Electoral-Vote.Com, which provides a wealth of data, maps and thoughtful analysis.

We will be producing weekly round-ups looking at key events – for example the New Hampshire primary tomorrow – but keep an eye on the New resources for Politics page for the latest additions to our catalogue.

Intute: Social Sciences features more resources on the 2008 US Presidential elections.