America’s first primary – New Hampshire votes

The state of New Hampshire is voting today to select delegates to nominate a Presidential candidate.

In fact the first votes have been cast and counted already, as towns with a population of less than 100 are allowed to vote from midnight onwards. Dixville Notch and Hart’s Location have backed the New Hampshire frontrunners for the two main parties Barack Obama and John McCain.

Over 40% of voters are registered as independents in New Hampshire, meaning that when they get to their polling station, they choose whether to vote in the Democratic or Republican primary.

The Votemaster at does not think that this will affect who will win the respective primaries, but it may alter the margin of victory. The latest Gallup Poll has tracked the effect of the recent Iowa caucus.

As for New Hampshire …

  • Follow the results as they come in via the CNN Election Center – polls close at 1 AM UK time
  • Get a local perspective via the Union Leader, based in Manchester, New Hampshire
  • See voter videos and local TV news reports from the WMUR 9 TV channel which is working with YouTube
  • Harvard’s Institute of Politics has a student project devoted to New Hampshire in their Campus Voices project

If you would like to read around the subject while you wait for the results to come in, then why not try:

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