Oh me-o, oh my-o, oh Cleveland, Ohio

CJ CreggFellow West Wing fans may remember that as a line from CJ, but it may all come down to Ohio again – as someone who watched the 2004 election, I only hope that they are quicker at counting the votes this time – I have to sat that I gave up in the early hours when the Bush-Kerry dog fight came down to the Buckeye State.

Fast forward 4 years and it looks as though the Democratic race will hinge on the outcomes in Ohio and Texas – and even if there is not a decisive outcome, the question may well be whether the Democrats really want the race to go on to Pennsylvania in late April.

Make or Break Tuesday, Super Tuesday 2, whatever you call it – the Republican race may see the Coup de Grace, as John McCain could get over the top and with a sweep of the two big states, plus Rhode Island and Vermont.

In the broader campaign, how important is experience? The latest from the Gallop Poll reports that McCain and Clinton score better than Obama in this area, but only 22% of voters regard it as an important issue.

… and the latest from TechPresident includes a report on some research or should that be subterfuge from The Nation, who found that the John McCain campaign was the only major campaign to allow negative comments from users on their official blog.

Follow the results tonight as they come in via the CNN Election Center.

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