Our Favourite Social Science Blogs

ESRC Festival of Social Science 2008 logoStarting tomorrow, Friday the 7th of March, Our Favourite Social Science Blogs is a week long exploration of the social science blogosphere – why not come along and sample some of our favourites, tell us about blogs that you like and even discuss what you think about the role of blogging in academia.

As part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science 7th –16th March, Intute: Social Sciences is featuring a series of articles by our subject editors presenting their favourite blogs.

With over 70 million blogs worldwide this new breed of online commentating has taken the Internet by storm and has the potential to be a significant source of information, debate and research material for social scientists.

Whether it is online sources of political gossip, an insight into the latest economic issues or how psychological research may tell you more about what you are thinking and why, let the editors at Intute: Social Sciences guide you through the social science blogosphere – or at least the parts of it, that we like the most.

With thousands of blogs being published by academics and many more that may be of interest to the scholarly community, this won’t be a comprehensive overview of them all, but we hope it will perk your interest in exploring further.

Each day during the Festival we shall be publishing a couple of articles looking at key blogs in a range of subjects.

You can contribute to this event by leaving a comment on any of the articles, perhaps letting us know about your favourite blogs in a particular subject or by helping expand our catalogue of academic blogs by filling in our suggest a site form.

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