Off to the Brain Gym? I don’t think so …

Brain Gym logoLast night, the BBC flagship news programme Newsnight featured a report on the use of Brain Gym, a technique “about using movement to help the brain to learn more easily” which is apparently being used in a small number of UK schools.

The campaign group Sense About Science is concerned that it is being used in UK schools without a sound scientific basis and that it “encourages pseudoscientific explanations that undermine science teaching and mislead children about how their bodies work”.

It has issued a briefing paper on some of the claims made by Brain Gym, which references a recent commentary by the Teaching and Learning Research Programme on Neuroscience and Education: Issues and Opportunities.

I am intrigued that in recent months I have received some submissions from  a number of education academics in UK universities to increase our coverage of alternative educational approaches – such as the Waldorf/Steiner approach.

However, I have not received similar suggestions on behalf of the Brain Gym approach and having viewed the report and read the briefing paper from Sense About Science, I can’t see a case for featuring their work in the Intute: Education section, but others may disagree.

Intute: Social Sciences features more resources on the issues of Teaching Methods and Educational Psychology and if you would like help us add to them, then why not suggest a site for consideration.