Pennsylvania Primary Punch-up

Pennsylvania sealIt crunch time yet again in the primary elections for candidates for the US Presidency. After Ohio, Super Tuesday and even New Hampshire, surely this time the Pennsylvania primary really must decide the Democratic nomination once and for all … well, no – we’ve had a six week break since the last primary, but still no knock-out blow.

The VoteMaster at sees Hillary Clinton taking Pennsylvania by a solid 10 point margin, but as ever the devil is in the detail, with the allocation of delegates meaning that she may only gain about 10 delegates in the overall race.

The latest from Gallop shows that Democrats are split evenly as whether they believe the ongoing race is helping or hurting the party, although as you may expect, Clinton supporters are happier for the race to continue than Obama supporters.

If it really is getting all too much for you, then why not enjoy a little distraction with this YouTube video that crosses Barack Obama with the film Rocky

Follow the results as they come in via the CNN Election Center.

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