Small changes to search on Intute: Social Sciences

We have made a small change to how search works on Intute: Social Sciences. As some of you may know Intute is made up of four subject groups ourselves, Arts and Humanities, Health and Life Sciences and Science, Engineering and Technology. The default search now searches across all four subject groups and provides links to search results in other groups.


So in the example above a search for “human rights” means you can click through to the results in Arts, Health or Science for this topic, as well as, finding resources in the Social Sciences section of Intute.

Why not try it out with some other popular searches such as social exclusion, Marx, environmental economics or blog.

We hope this mean that you get far fewer instances of searches retrieving no hits and will make you aware of some of the other great resources available on Intute. If you have any feedback on this or any other search issue on Intute, then why not get in touch.