Keep up to date with Intute: Social Sciences using RSS

RSS Day logoDo you have lots of websites bookmarked, but never find the time to visit them? Are you subscribed to too many email lists, but find them opinion heavy and information light? Have you got to the stage where you just want to find out what’s new on the Web? Then a simple technology called RSS may be what you are looking for.

An RSS reader brings together new content from sites you already know, into one place and saves you having to visit them all to check if they have been updated. If you want to know more about RSS, then this video may help:

… plus there are some other explanations as part of the BBC News website, the TechXtra site article RSS – a Primer for Publishers and Content Providers and our Intute: Quick Guide to Intute Newsfeeds. Or you can just start exploring by signing up for an account at Bloglines or Google Reader.

It’s not just blogs and news sites that provide RSS feeds. Academic journals provide table of contents information about their latest articles, with an excellent service provided by ZETOC, which will be of benefit to many.

May the 1st is RSS Awareness Day and to do our bit here at Intute: Social Sciences, we thought it may be worth reminding people that you can find out about the latest additions to our database using our News Channels where you can get RSS feeds for news from us, for this blog, for new Internet resources broken down by subject and for conference and event information. There is also an option within MyIntute that allows you to export your saved items as an RSS feed.

So why not give RSS a try today?