Indiana Carolina and the Last Big Primary

The BBC News website seems to be pushing the line that the latest Democratic primaries are really the last chance for either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama to strike a decisive blow in the Presidential race.

While I am more than happy to concede that they are more important than the recent vote in Guam, (sorry Guam!) the most likely outcome is a split decision, with one state for each of them – in which case the VoteMaster at says:

If Obama wins North Carolina by a larger margin than Clinton wins Indiana, then the math starts to kick in. He will have a lead of roughly 140 delegates with only 217 pledged delegates yet to be elected. That’s a big hill for Clinton to climb.

As for the broader Democratic Party, well it looks like Obama supporters are starting to say that the process should draw to an end sooner rather than later, while Hillary fans seem to see the process carrying on up to the Convention, at least according to the Gallop Poll.

Watch the results as they come in via the CNN Election Center and apologies if you thought this post was about the upcoming Indiana Jones movie!

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