Politics 2.0 in Campaign ’08

So what does this remind you of? A galaxy from Star Trek, perhaps some form of scientific analysis of things under a microscope or maybe even a late entry for the Turner Prize? Actually, it’s a photo of an interactive map of the 533 websites making the debate on the presidential race.

Part of the Presidential Watch ’08 website, it also includes a trends monitor that tracks the impact that the candidates are having on the Internet and a blog to analyse all this data.

While this may be a tad complex for your average Internet surfer a new report from Pew Internet and American Life project on The Internet and the 2008 Election, shows how the online world is making an impact in the campaign, even when compared to four years ago:

The proportion of Americans going online on a typical day at the tail end of the primary season to get political news or information has more than doubled since a comparable point in the 2004 race – from 8% of all adults in spring 2004 to 17% of all adults in spring 2008

But it’s not all positive as the Report also points out that many Americans feel that the internet magnifies the most extreme viewpoints and is a source of misinformation for many voters.

Intute: Social Sciences features more resources on the US Elections.