YouTube for fun or education or both

Michael Wesch, Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology and Digital Ethnography at Kansas State University explores the impact of new media on human interaction (and the impact of human interaction on new media).

His YouTube videos, including The Machine is Us/ing Us have been widely viewed and he recently spoke at the Library of Congress providing An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube (55 mins).

It’s well worth an hour of your time as he hurtles through the cultural impact of YouTube, using over 40 minutes of specially created video content – very different from a traditional chalk and talk PowerPoint.

Find out more about his work at which includes his blog.

If you are interested in the educational potential of online video, then the work of Alex Juhasz will serve as a useful counterpoint to that of Wesch. She taught a course on YouTube, using YouTube and while she encountered many of the same issues as Wesch, she regarded it as a less optimistic experience.

Juhasz blogged about the work of Wesch and it looks like they may be having an interesting dialogue, which we can all learn from.

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