eLearning for Economics

The Economics Network are running an eLearning Symposium tomorrow looking at a number of ways of enhancing teaching through the use of technology – it’s a follow up to their annual key contacts conference which brings in delegates from economics departments around the UK.

There are two strands to the symposium – one looking at elearning applications for economics – such as personal response systems (clickers), VLEs, tablet computers and a number of economics specific applications.

The second strand will be looking at Web 2.0 applications and their possible uses in economics teaching. I shall be eschewing my usual spheres of blogging and podcasting, which will be ably handled by my co-conspirator Bhagesh Sachania – co-author of the Guide to Blogging in Economics.

Instead I shall be concentrating on the social media applications of Web 2.0 and their use in economics teaching – so that means looking at services like Twitter, Facebook, SlideShare and FriendFeed. The slides are available below or you can click through to SlideShare.

Economics 2.0

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: economics elearning)

I shall endeavour to practice what I preach and the bookmarks are available on delicious and I may even Twitter about the event too, though I haven’t done that before.

In the meantime, feel free to leave a comment on how you think Web 2.0 can influence teaching in economics or in other subjects – either here or on the SlideShare page.

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