What’s next in the US elections?

With the post convention bounces for both parties having just about worked their way through the system, we’re back in a close race, with a trend from the past few days slightly favouring Barack Obama and the Democrats. Or to put it another way – just about where we were before the conventions started!

The next (and possibly last) chance to shake up the polls is not very far away with the Presidential Debates coming up at the end of next week. Twitter and Current TV have announced plans to Hack the Debates and allow user feedback or Tweets to appear on screen while John McCain and Barack Obama debate.

Talk of debates reminds me of the classic debate of the modern era Nixon versus Kennedy in 1960 – and those two Presidents were presented as archetypes of how the US Commander-in-Chief is portrayed on film during the excellent BBC Four programme President Hollywood.

Other readings that have invaded my consciousness this week:

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