Is this the right room for an argument?

… I’ve told you once!

Well I was in the process of gathering together a few links and pointers for the first of the US Presidential debates, which is still scheduled for tonight. However with the recent financial turmoil and the fallout from John McCain suspending his campaign, we don’t know whether there will be a debate this weekend – or maybe there will just be a 90 minute interview with Barack Obama.

But just in case the debate does go ahead – here’s a few links of interest:

The Commission on Presidential Debates still insists that the debate will go ahead and it is a good source for looking back at past debates or try the American Presidency Project at UC Santa Barbara for a great selection of historical information

C-SPAN’s Debate Hub will be making the debate video available and embeddable, as well as tracking the debate in real time and trying to pull in real time reaction from around the web – a short YouTube video explains what C-SPAN are hoping to do

Election 2008 is the new Twitter aggregation service that brings together various updates from Twitter users relating to the campaign – you can filter the tweets by candidiate and it is sure to be aflame with heated discussion – the Twitter blog has more on this service

Past presidential debates in history is a short item from BBC News that pulls together the “greatest hits” from past presidential debates with short video clips and some nice context – probably not much that is new to debate fans, but a great introduction for the rest of us

If you find all this talk of debates a little heavy going, then why not get a little light relief. John McCain was due to appear on the David Letterman Show but cancelled as he was suspending his campaign and flying back to Washington to help in the financial negotiations in Congress – Letterman was not impressed, when he discovered that McCain seemed to be doing TV news interviews instead.

Intute: Social Sciences features more Internet resources on political debates and the US elections.