The State of the Blogosphere

Last week Technorati, the blog search company, launched their State of the Blogosphere 2008 report which looked at the who, what, why and how of blogging, as well as taking an in-depth look at blogging for profit and how brands are entering the blogosphere. A new feature for this year was a survey of over 1000 bloggers to supplement the analysis of the data produced by Technorati themselves.

So is the State of the Blogosphere strong?

Here’s a few items that stood out to me.

There aren’t as many blogs as you might think.

While Technorati have indexed over 130 million blogs since 2002 – just 1.5 million have posted an item in the last 7 days. 7.4 million have added an item in the last 120 days – but a blog that posts every 4 months can’t really be described as active.

Blogs are established.

59% of bloggers have been blogging for at least 2 years and half of bloggers have set up a blog before – and these non first-time bloggers contribute to four blogs on average. Blogs have representation in the top 10 web site lists across all categories.

Blogging has benefits.

Over half of the bloggers surveyed said they were better known in their industry as a consequence of blogging and around a fifth of bloggers have participated in an event, contributed to a print publication or found themselves on TV / radio thanks to their blogging expertise.

So the blogosphere seems to be in pretty good shape and if you want some more analysis of the report try the Mashable take on it or track the reaction using Technorati itself.

… and what does all this mean for this blog?

As measured by Technorati, this blog is hovering around the top quarter of a million blogs worldwide – these metrics are based around the extent to which your content is commented on and linked to by other bloggers. So for this blog, which is primarily about passing on information, we are doing surprisingly well.

The blog is the most successful of our additional services here at Intute: Social Sciences and delving into our web stats turns up some surprises – the most visited page on Intute for the last couple of months, appears to have been a blog post from January about how running for President is a serious business – which seemed to take six months to become popular!

Intute: Social Sciences features more blogs which may be of interest to the academic community.