Is this the right Review for an argument?

Reviews are all the rage at the moment, whether it is because it is the end of the year, the way to kick a potential political hot potato into the long grass or the considered outcome of a process of consultation, thought and reflection – reviews have many uses.

A couple of reviews happened to invade my consciousness recently and as a consequence have made it onto the Intute catalogue.

The Independent Review of the Primary Curriculum is a review of the whole primary school curriculum for England, carried out by Sir Jim Rose on behalf of the Department of Children, Schools and Families (DCSF). The Review published its interim findings today and the consenus of the reporting appears to focus on the move to theme based learning, away from subject specific learning. Rose was also resonsible for the Review of Early Reading, which led to the increased use of synthetic phonics / phonics as a way of teaching children to read and write.

Elsewhere the International Benchmarking Review of UK Economics was apparently less newsworthy as it was a good news story – at least, that is what a journalist friend of mine says! The Review found that economics research in the UK is exceptional by international standards and has high policy impact, with strong relationships between the academic and policy communities. The Review is one of a number of international benchmaking reviews undertaken by the ESRC into a range of Social Science disciplines.

Reviewing is also the process whereby Intute: Social Sciences editors check the records that have been added to the database in the past. The Internet is an ever changing beast and while it always important to be on the lookout for New Resources, especially if you can help us by Suggesting a Site – but if an existing site gets a major makeover, it can be just as important to catch that – I’m not entirely sure how the new DCSF National Strategies site will interact with / replace the long standing Standards Site, but I’m sure some reviewing is just round the corner!

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