Some small changes to Intute: Social Sciences

We have made a few small changes to how the Intute: Social Sciences website works.

Getting to the search box

The left hand navigation has been changed to include a link to Search under Internet Catalogue.

This means that you can get back to the search page regardless of where you are within the site.

Fewer icons

If you try a search query or are browsing a subject heading there are fewer icons in each listing:

The icons have been replaced with text links.

More details – takes you through to the full listing for a particular record where you can find similar items by clicking on keywords or classifications.

Save record – which adds that item to your list of records if you are logged in to MyIntute, our personalisation service where you can email links to yourself.

Next and Previous

If you try a search query and get back lots of results, it should be easier to navigate through the pages of results.

Next and Previous links have been added to the existing numerical links to take you through the various pages of search results.

Getting to the Intute home page

In the top left hand corner of every page, there should be a clickable image – saying Intute best of the web – that takes you to the Intute home page.

Regardless of where you are in the website you should be just one click away from the homepage.

If you have any feedback on these changes then do get in touch.