Economics links round-up

With the first day back from the end of year holidays there’s a couple of weeks worth of emails, suggested sites and interesting blog posts to catch-up with. Here’s a few that have invaded my  consciousness as the Intute: Economics editor, now available on Twitter.

Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman accepted his prize for economics recently and the video of his lecture is available, as well as another video of his appearance at the National Press Club in Washington.

Stephen Kinsella has passed on some sage advice on the topic of Six Free Skills and Applications to help you communicate with your students in the hope of stopping others from using technology badly.

Continuing the teaching theme, then if you are looking for syllabi for Economics courses then try Syllabus Finder from the Center for History and New Media, makers of the excellent Zotero reference manager plug-in for Firefox.

The International Labour Organization has launched their latest resource guide, this time on the topic of Microfinance or “the provision of financial services to the poor on a sustainable basis” with information available by theme and region.

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