Frost nipping at your toes?

David Frost and Richard Nixon

It’s been a pretty busy few weeks for Watergate watchers and Nixon scholars and the upcoming UK release of Frost/Nixon, means that the machinations of the 37th President of the United States will be in the news again.

While David Frost has very sensibly kept tight control of his interview footage over the years, we are at last seeing major releases of the recordings that Nixon made himself – with nearly 200 hours of audio made available just before Christmas.

The excellent will help explain some of the issues behind the tapes and includes themed releases of transcripts / recordings – for example those pertaining to Nixon advisor Charles Colson and the 1972 Presidential election.

Perhaps the most interesting data release was the one from the National Security Archive that provides a comprehensive archive of the Kissinger “Telcons” from the Nixon and Ford years – from the archives of the former Secretary of State.

Finally the death of Mark Felt, otherwise known as Deep Throat, the key source for some of the information used by Woodward and Bernstein in their Watergate investigations – brought some perhaps predictable discussion of whether Felt acted in the national interest or not – try this NY Times multimedia presentation for some perspective.

Some might say that the role of Felt in bringing down the Nixon administration was as overblown as that of Frost in terms of helping Nixon redeem himself, but it seems as though we will still be talking about both of them for some time yet.

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