Obama Inauguration

barackobamaofficialportraitWith the inauguration of Barack Obama only a few days away it will be interesting to see how various Web 2.0 sites will handle the it.

Thus far I’ve spotted:

Flickr has set up an Inauguration 2009 Group for members to share their images of the day

Twitter has a channel set up by the Change.gov team to get updates about the day

Facebook has a blog post from Congressman Mike Honda on the Obama Inauguration

Delicious has a plethora of websites to choose from under the tag inauguration

YouTube has a inauguration channel already set-up which will feature closed captioning

One innovation has already taken place – as the picture that you see above is the first official Presidential portrait to be taken using a digital camera!

Get all the official news and updates the from the Presidential Inaugural Committee website that will be bringing some of this content together.

There will be plenty more innovations in terms of coverage of the swearing in of Barack Obama and if you spot any more then why not leave a comment.

And finally … if you can’t wait to hear the Inaugural Speech, then why not generate your own!

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