10 Economics Blogs Worth Watching

What’s the current state of the Economics blogosphere? What’s changed, what’s changing and are there any blogs out there that I may not have noticed?

Particularly keen readers of this blog may recall our Guide to Using Blogs in Economics from a couple of years ago. I’m pleased to announce that it has been updated for 2009 with new content, new blogs and new examples of the use of economics blogs in teaching.

I got together with my fellow author Bhagesh Sachania of the Economics Network and we highlighted 10 Economics Blogs Worth Watching as well as talking about the new version of the blog guide – you’ll find it below as a SlideCast (PowerPoint slides with audio).

It highlighted for me that I’m slightly rusty in terms of my podcasting and SlideShare using skills, so it is a little rough around the edges – but hopefully you may discover a blog you’ve not come across before or an idea you can use in your teaching.

The 10 blogs we picked out were:

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