Budget week with Intute: Social Sciences

It’s a big week for economic news, with the UK Budget looking to set the agenda.

Normally the Sunday papers would have been full of selective leaks from the upcoming Budget statement – but given that they were still full from the fallout of the email smeargate scandal, Alastair Darling had to make do with a brief appearance on YouTube and the launch of the Budget 2009 microsite.

The Ernst and Young ITEM Club latest forecast sees signs of a stabilising financial situation and confidence returning, but warns of a tricky 12-18 months ahead. Particular attention is paid to this report as it uses the HM Treasury model of the UK economy or you may wish to compare it with the latest HM Treasury summary of independent forecasts about the UK economy.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies in their briefing note Budget 2009: Tightening the squeeze says that the Chancellor will need to make key decisions on whether to go for any additional short term stimulus spending and how to recoup the extra spending in the medium to longer term. Look for post-Budget analysis from the IFS Budgets and Pre-Budget Reports section.

There will be more on the Budget from our Politics / Government and Economics editors throughout the week – or follow the BBC News Budget site, with commentary from their Economics Editor Stephanie Flanders – who forsees a messy week ahead – or if that is all too much for you, the Axe the Beer Tax campaign site may be more to your liking!

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