Royal Economic Society conference 2009

Royal Economic Society logoThe Royal Economic Society conference 2009 is the leading gathering of academic economists in the UK and it is under way at the University of Surrey.

This year the conference features keynote speeches from:

The Press Centre features a range of research papers that will be presented at the Conference, including:

Widening Participation in Higher Education

Poor attainment in secondary school is the biggest barrier to going to university among socio-economically disadvantaged students – not barriers at the point of entry to higher education such as borrowing constraints.

Key UK export industries suffer most from the recession

Can credit crunch-hit economies rely on overseas trade to pull themselves out of the current downturn? The answer depends on the kind of things they export, and for countries like the UK, the picture looks troubled.

We are living beyond our means

The UK has failed to save adequately in the past 20 years and our current patterns of consumption will only be sustainable if drastic changes are made. There are two alternatives: either people finance their old age by relying on support from their children or they settle for spending less in old age than current patterns suggest.

Further items will appear on the website addressing some of the conference themes with research on education, happiness, families, housing and work.

Intute: Social Sciences features more from previous RES conferences including podcast interviews with economics researchers.