Twittering the Budget

How will you be keeping track of the Budget?

It’s pretty unlikely that you would have been following it on Twitter this time last year – but that’s one of the ways that you can follow the Chancellor’s statement later today – via the HMTreasury Twitter channel.

treasurytwitterApparently they will be providing links to background material, supporting documents and other items while Alastair Darling is speaking – sounds like a great use of the real-time commentary benefits of Twitter.

… or you can track the reaction from the rest of the Twitter-verse by following the Budget via the Twitter search engine – although early indications are that it will be a hot topic and you may have difficulty separating the wheat from the chaff – in the time it’s taken to write this blog post – there have been over 450 new Tweets about the Budget!

For the political angle the 10 Downing Street Twitter channel is pointing users to a “live debate on the Budget” at their website – which is making use of Cover It Live – a nice way of producing live reports of an event that does not lead to a huge number blog posts.

Although there may not be as many Government Social Media experts contributing as there could be – unless they are very good at multi-tasking! Alas the Budget is clashing with the OpenGov event which Andy Powell is covering over at the eFoundations LiveWire blog.

For those who are more reflective then the Budget 2009 microsite and the more formal HM Treasury Budget page will have all the supporting documentation, data and figures, where you can make-up your own mind on what the Budget means to you.

Heather Dawson, our Politics and Government editor has already produced a nice round-up of links to some Budget information and coverage over at the LSE Library website and we will be rounding up some of the post-Budget reaction once the media have produced their soundbytes and there’s been some real analysis of the figures.

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