Some Small Changes to Intute: Economics

There have been a few small changes to the Economics section of Intute: Social Sciences.

Internet Economics replaces the former section on e-commerce and will have a much broader remit that covers all aspects of the digital economy and the economics of online life.

Regional Economics is the new name for Economics by Region or Country and has been stripped down, so that it looks at the topic of financial activity analysed by geographic regions, rather than any site which looks at the economy of any economy.

In the future, there will be more coverage of Economics resources pertaining to specific countries – for example India or China – at the moment, the best way of getting to these resources is by performing an Advanced Search and filtering the results to just Economics records.

Intute advanced search China and economics

It is hoped that this will also lead to dedicated sections on key economies from around the world, such as the American or UK economy and not just the newly emerging markets mentioned above.

The sub-divisions of EU Economics have gone with the resources allocated to the appropriate part of the subject structure if they tackle a specific topic – such as Agricultural Economics – those with a broad European or specifically EU scope will be kept in EU Economics.

There is in-depth coverage of European issues as part of the European Studies section within Intute: Social Sciences and in the Area Studies sections of Intute: Arts and Humanities.

As mentioned previously, a new section covering the topic of Behavioural Economics will be built over the coming months – looking at the psychological aspects of how economics works and how this can affect economic decision making.

Much of the work on these changes will take place in the near future, but if you have a favourite website in these or any other Economics subject, then feel free to get in touch to Suggest a Site if you think it will be of use / interest to the academic community.

Intute: Social Sciences features more Internet resources on the topic of Economics.