Follow Intute on Twitter

Loyal readers may well have spotted that Intute has been experimenting with Twitter for a while, now we are going to be Twittering on behalf of the service as a whole.

Up to now we have been providing a range of subject based updates and some of these seem to have been quite successful – for example the Intute: Economics, Intute: Visual Art and Intute: Psychology channels.

Some analysis of the first 500 followers for our economics channel shows that some of our users are already on Twitter, talking about Intute and kindly spreading the word about some of things we are up to.

In the past, I’ve written about different ways of using Twitter – passive Twittering – sending existing content to Twitter via a service like Twitterfeed – and active Twittering – where a real person provides updates and tries to become a guide on a topic or to a particular service.

A few weeks ago, the Intute channel on Twitter was set up as a passive feed of existing Intute activities, now we are going to take on a more active role and as an experiment for the next few months, we’ll be actively Twittering during what will be a very busy time for Intute (but more of that later).

… if it is good enough for organisations such as Copac, the British Library and even the FBI, then it’s about time that we played our part.

So now we are actively joining the conversation, what should we be Tweeting about?

  • The best or most interesting new resources added to Intute
  • News and updates about the Intute service
  • Some of the best bits from the library and information blogosphere
  • Re-Tweeting some key information from HEA Subject Centres, JISC Services and others
  • Responding to your comments, queries and feedback

… or anything else that may be of interest to Intute users – but hopefully you will be using Twitter to send us new websites to add to Intute, let us know if you want to know more about how we work and what we do or just to stop by and say hello.

So if you don’t want to get in touch via our email Help Desk, let us know your thoughts via our rolling feedback survey or even by leaving a comment on one of our blogs, you can now follow Intute on Twitter.