Global Trade Alert

Global Trade Alert (GTA) is a new website co-ordinated by the Centre for Economics Policy Research (CEPR) in London, that provides real-time information on – and analysis of – measures taken by governments during the global downturn that are likely to discriminate against foreign commerce.

GTA draws on expertise from independent research institutes in seven regions. These research institutes will identify new state measures as they are introduced, assess their potential impact on trading partners, and carry out detailed research on the measures.

Trade measures are listed chronologically, with users able to filter results by the affected trading partner, implementing jurisdiction or trade sector. The measures are briefly described and have accompanying comments that consider whether there was any evidence-based deliberation in their formulation.

The Centre for Economic Policy Research is also responsible for a website that brings together academic commentary on economic policy issues, including the Global Financial Crisis and produces a range of audio interviews with leading economists.

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