Iran goes to the polls

The Iranian presidential elections have led to rise in blogging activity – but what does it look like?

Interactive Persian blogosphere map

A project at the Berkman Center for Internet and Democracy has been following the Iranian blogosphere and has produced an interactive map illustrating the various types of blogs and blogging activity.

It’s part of a wider programme of research that has been Mapping Iran’s Online Public for some time, that is looking at the effect of the Internet in the Arab world – but a quick look at the snapshot above shows a mixed picture, with the key surprise being the importance of poetry!

Follow the news about the Iranian election and see whether President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gets re-elected or whether Mir Hosssain Mousavi can force a run-off if no candidate secures 50 percent of the vote.

There is a BBC News: Special Report on Iran elections 2009 plus similar updates from Radio Free Europe and the Al Jazeera English site.

More on the academic background is available from Centre for Iranian Studies at Durham University or the Keele Guide to Middle East Government and Politics section in Iran.

Intute features more Internet resources on Iran, Elections in Asia and Islamic Studies.