Where’s my jetpack? Episode 83

The recent World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) in Montreal saw Science Fiction writer Charlie Stross in conversation with Science Fiction fan and Nobel Economics Laureate Paul Krugman.

A recording of the 75 minute session is online and embedded below – it looks at how Science Fiction and Economics can intersect.


In a wide ranging conversation (a transcript is available) the pair discuss issues such as how the world has shrunk to the size of the English Home Counties in 1809, the concept of Future Shock and that perennial favourite – where’s my jetpack?

However, as you may be able to tell from the video below, the jetpack is already here …

The economics of Science Fiction has been tackled by a number of economists and Robin Hanson of George Mason University has a nice summary of some of the key academic papers “in the field”, which includes Krugman’s 1978 paper on The Theory of Interstellar Trade.

Normally at this point, I would try to point to some related Intute resources on this subject … while we certainly do have some academic links relating to Science Fiction and the issue of International Trade – we are sadly lacking in the area of intergalactic economics … my apologies.