What’s next in Economics education?

Intute will be at the DEE (Developments in Economics Education) conference in Cardiff over the next few days.

We will be part of a session called Economics 2.0 that will be looking at how Web 2.0 developments such as podcasting, blogs and other forms of social media can be used to enhance teaching and learning in Economics.

The Intute part of the session will focus on how to help students cope with the plethora of information that is available online and how the new edition of the Internet for Economics (part of the Virtual Training Suite) can be of assistance.

The session will feature contributions from Bhagesh Sachania of the Economics Network who will be talking about podcasting / audio for economics and Zak Mensah of JISC Digital Media who will be talking about using Social Media to enhance learning materials.

In fact, we will be trying to practice what we preach and will be running a bit of a Social Media experiment and trying to cover the whole conference over at the DEE09 blog, that brings together resources relating to our session, as well as from the wider conference.

The conference features a keynote address from Robert Chote of the Institute for Fiscal Studies and a broad programme that includes strands on pluralism, teaching delivery and relating research to teaching.

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Intute features more Internet resources on the topic of Economics.