Economics audio and video

Royal Economic Society logoThis week the Royal Economic Society (RES) annual public lecture will be delivered by Sir Partha Dasgupta, Frank Ramsay Professor of Economics at the University of Cambridge, on ‘Law and Morality in Economic Life’.

The lecture will explore fundamental questions about our world by looking at differences in institutions – cultural, legal, social, political and economic – within which people try to shape their lives. He will argue that the importance of law and morality in economic life follows from the essentiality of trust in the social world. The enormous differences in people’s lives are based in the extent to which they trust one another to comply with agreements.

The RES website features videos of lectures from previous years, while the RES annual conference website features a range of videos of keynote addresses and special sessions from the 2009 conference at the University of Surrey.

The RES are not the only economics related organisation to make lecture videos available. The Economic History Society have published the last three Tawney Memorial Lectures on their website, looking at the Britishness of the Industrial Revolution, the role of nature in economic history and famine in the Twentieth Century.

The recent Growth Week at the International Growth Centre at the LSE included a range of audio and video recordings of speakers, including: Esther Duflo (MIT) on ‘Developing Rural Areas’, Nicholas Sterm on ‘Green Growth’, Tim Besley (LSE) on ‘The Political Economic of Development’ and Paul Collier (Oxford) on ‘Natural Resource Management’.

… and if that is not enough, then there are regular audio interviews with leading economists available as Vox Talks from the Centre for Economic Policy Research and the podcasts from the Centre for Market and Public Organisation at the University of Bristol.

Intute has an archive of Economics podcasts from RES conferences and other Internet resources on the topic of Economics.