Get Social Science research on your iPhone

The Social Science Research Network is a world wide collaborative of over 800 scholars that is devoted to the rapid worldwide dissemination of social science research.

To that end, they have just released a new app for the iPhone / iPod Touch allowing users to search and read the full text of over 250,000 papers.

They say

“iSSRN, our free iPhone App, was released recently. It provides instant access to the latest Social Science and Humanities research in the SSRN eLibrary from scholars around the world. iSSRN is available from Apple’s iTunes store.

iSSRN allows iPhone and iPod Touch users to search over 250,000 papers and read the full text of the papers directly on their device.”

The app is very easy to install and use, with the PDF versions of papers quite nicely presented and the multi-touch functionality enabling you to zoom in and out of key passages – although there is a limit to the amount of serious reading that you can do on a screen that small.

The SSRN includes a number of subject specific covering Economics, Management, Political Science, Law and other topics.  The networks encourage the early distribution of research results by reviewing and distributing submitted abstracts and by soliciting abstracts of research papers.

Intute features more Internet resources from the Social Sciences.