YouTube EDU one year on

YouTube EDU the repository of lectures, video clips and webcasts from mainly US universities has been with us for a year.

During that time we’ve seen …

  • 10 countries join the service
  • Over 300 institutions adding their videos to the repository
  • 350+ full courses added to YouTube EDU
  • 65,000+ videos and video clips made available
  • Millions of videos viewed

The most popular video is from the late Randy Pausch and is a moving, but funny last lecture.

It’s perhaps worth taking a step back and revisiting some of the issues from our original blog post  looking at the launch of YouTube EDU and see how things have shaped up.

Subject access has improved with a very basic topic based classification of videos, but if your subject is not listed there, then you will still be reliant  on tags on individual videos – so while a search for Economics will yield hundreds of results, you’ll still miss out on videos that have not been correctly tagged and other educational material from organisations that aren’t in the YouTube EDU directory – for example the World Bank.

The most viewed videos page shows that while there may be full length lecture videos from over 350 courses, the shorter form videos appear to be more YouTube friendly – the TL:DR problem finding a new expression in video form. Plus it helps if you are Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs or talking about a hit movie like Watchmen, if you want to get noticed.

However, the YouTube bandwagon keeps on rolling – my own institution the University of Bristol, has launched their YouTube channel recently and there can be clear benefits, such as the Periodic Table of Videos from the University  of Nottingham, that have been viewed millions of times and increased applications to their Department of Chemistry by 40 percent.

… but it looks as though YouTube EDU is here to stay after a pretty impressive debut year.

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