What’s your Google Search Story?

Google have released a new fun tool to enable people to create their own Google “Search Stories”

All you need to do is type in your search terms, choose the search service(s) you wish to use – Books, News, Blogs, Images, Web search etc. – pick some appropriate music and then the video is created automagically.

Here’s an example looking at the economic crisis:

It’s easy to see that with a few tweaks, this could be turned into an educational tool.

For example, in the Internet for Economics VTS tutorial where we look at search strategies on Google it could provide a visual walkthrough of the educational point that:

  • Searching on economic crisis returns many millions of results, all of which contain both the keywords “economic” AND “crisis” (note: Google automatically returns results containing both keywords).
  • Searching for economic OR crisis returns even more records. This is because OR returns all those Web pages that contain either the word “economic”, or the word “crisis”.
  • Searching on “economic crisis” returns fewer results. This is because Google only returns those resources containing the exact phrase. A page about “economic responses to energy crisis” would not be included.

In order to become an educational tool, it would help if:

  • Google Scholar was added to the list searches to add to the videos
  • Users could vary the length of time each search was on screen
  • There was some choice in the “pan and scan” options each search uses

Alas, at the moment – it feels as though you are just creating an advert for Google – and to be fair to them, the inspiration for it did come from their Super Bowl ad about finding love in Paris.

However, there are plenty of videos being uploaded to the Google Search Stories YouTube channel, even if some of them are subverting the system ever so slightly.

Intute features more Internet resources on the economic crisis and more subject specific tutorials in the Virtual Training Suite.