Links of the week

Here is a round-up of news items about information literacy, e-learning and online resources as picked out by @VTStutorials on Twitter.

  1. First Annual Report of Three Year (BL/JISC) Study: ‘Researchers of Tomorrow’ 10:22 AM Jul 22nd v
  2. RT: @mattlingard: Social Media Changing Education? a plea for evidence not anecdotes by @Neil_Selwyn
  3. Google Image Search gets a makeover is this an improvement?
  4. RT: @_UCLsciencelib_: Mendeley (reference manager software) iPhone app now available in the app store & it’s free:
  5. try @govsub the channel that gathers videos published by UK government YouTube channels in one place
  6. RT @ScottHibberson: New blog post from “Sharing Good Practise on Information Skills” round-up of #infolit links + tips
  7. RT: @mattlingard: What is Digital Literacy? Diagram from Futurelab handbook:
  8. 21st Century Fluency Project – resource designed to cultivate 21st century fluencies, while fostering engagement and adventure in the learning experience.
  9. RT @touchthecloud Awesome video about Information Overload “InfoWhelm and Information Fluency”
  10. follow @aliss_info for updates from ALISS the independent group for social science librarians