Links of the week

Here is a round-up of news items about information literacy, e-learning and the Virtual Training Suite as picked out by @VTStutorials on Twitter.

  1. Google says that there are 130 million-ish books in the world – bit of nerve criticising other peoples metadata though!
  2. You can now get email updates from this blog at
  3. Looking for video and audio resources? Try these new online tutorials from @jiscdigital & @VTStutorials
  4. RT @giustini Top 100 Ways Librarians Use Social Media (a collaborative list)
  5. CaRILLO: Information Literacy and repurposing learning objects en event report #carillo #carillo10
  6. OpenScholar from @harvard allows scholars to easily create their own websites
  7. RT @jiscdigital Now booking! Brand new training workshop Building Effective Screencasts 16 Sept
  8. “the knowledge, behaviours and attributes of effective and highly skilled researchers” from
  9. RT @lawbore: Plagiarism Lines Blur for Students in Digital Age (NYTimes)
  10. Some changes to the Virtual Training Suite